Abdel Mannan’s Solo

Abdel Mannan Performance ended.

Abdel Mannan the eminent Lalon research Scholar and vocalist has presented some rare wretchedness music of Faqir Lalon Shah on 15th July at Chittagong Theatre Institute. It’s the first time that any research Scholar exposes Shaijee Lalon’s lyrics according to His real asceticism.

khamok trrop With Abdel Mannan
Abdel Mannan

It was the totally exceptional event where the harmony of Ektara and Spanish Guitar has concerted with the touchy ode.

On the enlighten stage young Poet and translator Seema Nusrat Amin has recited in English simultaneously.

khamok trrop with Abdel Mannan

Editor of the www. newsbna.com M. Mizanur Rahman has delivered his goodwill speech in early starting.


  • credits:
  • instruments by:- Alamgir Kabir, Tinku Shel, Gonshai pahlavi, Susanta kar & babul dey
  • another’s :- bizu somoy, zamini kobial, Farid Mazumder, monirul monir, kamol rodra
  • khamok trrop with Abdel Mannan